Captain Robert Allsup of the good ship King's Revenge will be on deck to tell us why all those who don't go to Pyrate Fest 2011 in Memphis, TN September 3 and 4 should walk the plank. 

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Yo Ho!

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PyrateFest Moments from 2010 Photography by Herman King

First Mate "Fish"
Congrats Fish!

A sleepy Spanish fort nestled on the banks of the Mississippi
is shrouded in the predawn mists.
Out of the harbor, a cannon sounds and flames erupt.
As the mist lifts, a ship is seen and upon
the mast flies the dreaded roger of the pirate ship, The King's Revenge


It takes an entire ship's crew and a few extras hired off the dock to make PyrateFest happen. 
These Pyrates are an amazing crew, generous and giving of their time, energy, and resources.
Without them, PyrateFest would be PyrateHappyHour.
Captain Robert Darksoul
Quarter Mistress Samra
Captain Huck & Treasure,Dirty Dave, SaraLynn, Cap'n Vain, Fish, Purple Iris, Luna de Mer,
Voodoo Child, Allure, Beth, Prudence, Ruby Storm, Amberosia, and others that need to remind me,
please don't make me walk the plank for a momentary lapse of memory.

Captain Robert Darksoul
"Ay, it be a good day indeed."
Capt. Dirty Dave Hylander
"You want to see my what?!"
Pyrate Roses Allure and Amberosia
"Ay mate, we do dance"
"Ay, you may sail on my ship, first show me the gold."
Captain Robert Darksoul
"Ay, it is a good day indeed"